The Most Efficient Log Splitter Ever Designed

The "Stickler" is designed like a giant wood screw that bolts to the hub of a car or truck. By harnessing the vehicle's engine for power, the "Stickler" can split logs far faster and more efficiently than any self-powered splitters, either hydraulic or screw-type.
It is no more strain on your vehicle's engine or drive line than a leisurely drive down a smooth, level road. You can split a two-month supply of wood with about the same amount of gas as required to mow the average lawn.

Since you already own the power supply, the "Stickler" costs only a fraction of that for a less efficient self-powered hydraulic splitter. You can split an entire cord of wood in an hour.

The "Stickler" comes equipped with a safety switch which allows the operator to quickly stop the engine without leaving his position.

The "Stickler"...the fastest working, most efficient, convenient, safest and most economical log splitter that money can buy.


Rugged Design and Construction

  • Various heavy duty adapter plates available to fit virtually any domestic or foreign car or small truck.
  • High strength steel construction, 3/16" thick with precision machined threads.
  • Reinforcement center spine of heavy 5/16" wall tube.
  • Replaceable, chrome plated, alloy steel tip. Can be sharpened with ordinary chain saw file.
The Most Efficient Log Splitter Ever Designed

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