Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Ask Questions. As the name implies this page will answer most of the questions that are frequently asked. If you don't find the answer you are looking for please don't hesitate to contact us.

QUESTION. How do I tell what adapter to use?
Please take a look at our adapter guide.


QUESTION. Is it difficult to set-up?
It takes about the same amount of effort to set the Stickler up as changing a
single tire on your vehicle. Less time, certainly, then would be required to rent
a power splitter.


QUESTION. Is operating the Stickler hard on the vehicle?
No! Comparing the power source you will be using with the power provided
with other power splitters it is obvious that using the Stickler is no strain on your
vehicle. We recommend when operating the Stickler that you have your idle set
at between 900 - 1200 rpm. This would be about 15 to 20 mph.


QUESTION. Does the Stickler really work?
Yes!. For most types of wood you won't find an easier way to split firewood. The Stickler can split up to one cord of wood in an hour while the operator is sitting down.


QUESTION. How big a log will the Stickler split?
The Stickler can split virtually any size log that can be feasibly handled. We
recommend anything up to 36 inches in diameter and 24 inches long. For larger
rounds it is best not to attempt to split directly through the center. Rather Split slabs off the sides until the size of the round is reduced to a manageable diameter.


QUESTION. Will the Stickler split hardwood and knotty rounds?
The true value of the Stickler is best demonstrated by difficult rounds. It literally
sucks the knots apart. It allows you to make firewood out of rounds that you might otherwise throw out.


QUESTION. What keeps the round from spinning once the stickler starts to take hold?
Rounds up to 24-28 inches in diameter should be inserted at an angle sufficient enough so that the torque goes into the ground. We recommend working on a piece of plywood or other hard surface. Larger rounds can be inserted flat for slabbing until the size is reduced.


QUESTION. What warranty is offered with the Stickler?
The Stickler is 100% warranted against defects for 24 months form date of original purchase. It can be returned for refund provided that it is returned unused and in the original container.


QUESTION. Is the Stickler safe to operate?
The Stickler is designed to be used as a power tool and it warrants the care and respect given when using any power tool. We strongly recommend that you carefully read the operators manual and view the accompanying video prior to first time operation.Under any circumstances, when properly set-up, the Stickler is much safer to operate than the chainsaw used to cut the logs into rounds.


QUESTION. Can the Stickler be used with any type of vehicle?
The Stickler can be adapted to and used with any rear wheel drive car and pick-up, foreign or domestic. It can not be used with any front wheel drive vehicle..

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